New Study Indicates Small Breaks From Work Support New Skill Development.

According to Neuroscience news, “The resting brain repeatedly and rapidly replays faster memories of what a person has recently learned and practiced. The more a person replays the memory during rest, the better they become during subsequent sessions where they practice their newly learned skill.

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Turning off Stress like a Switch

TEDx offers a different tool to combat stress.

Understanding counterintuitively, as a part of your toolbelt: “An entirely different belief about stress: befriending it instead of battling it.”

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Ways to Support Employee Mental Health

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Why employee satisfaction, well-being and engagement are affected by psychosocial health factors.

Giving employees the tools they need do their jobs well:

  1. In order for your employees to do their job well, are they equipped with adequate training and knowledge?
  2. Do your employees feel physically and psychologically safe at work?
  3. In order for your employees to feel safe, what are the psychosocial work factors needing to be addressed?

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Depression and Anxiety

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Understanding these common mood disorders and the four primary causes:

  1. Poor or poorly developed self-esteem characterized by an intrusive critical voice and feelings of hopelessness, shame and worthlessness. 
  2. Relationship adjustment issues characterized by unresolved conflict and poor communications skills. 
  3. Unresolved grief or chronic stress, unfinished business with others. 
  4. Physiological issues such as chronic pain or genetic disposition.
  1. Couples counselling. issues of poor communication and conflict resolution skills as well as challenged managing the emotional/attachment ‚Äúdance of the relationship.  
  1. PTSD. the three stages of treatment and the physiological defensive responses to traumatic events.
  1. Masculine stress and the ways men respond to psychological stress that is gender driven.  
  1. The fundamental importance of the therapeutic relations and the foundation this provides for overall healing and the effectiveness  of Counselling and therapy.

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9 Coping Strategies if you or someone you love is affected by an invisible illness or disabilities

There are many issues that can affect a person living with a hidden illness or disability. Using coping strategies can help.

  • It can be common for those with hidden disabilities or illnesses to be judged
  • Feelings of loneliness, isolation and helplessness and isolation are common
  • Practicing self-compassion is an important coping skill among others

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How to reduce Loneliness at Work

National and international mental health organizations are acknowledging the mental health crisis people are facing due to the Pandemic. Being aware of ways to help improve your mental health is important.

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